Our Services

  • Process  of site acquisition.

    Site Acquisition

      Identify Potential Site Candidates
      Site Candidate Packages (SCIP)
      Application Entry
      Due Diligence
      Regulatory Filings
      Landlord Negotiations
      Lease Execution & Document Recording
  • Surveying equipment, paperwork and construction site.

    Project Management

      Track & Provide Status Reports
      Attend Build Meetings
      Attend Site Walks with Surveyors, Environmental Specialists & Construction Personnel
  • Zoning map, meeting and permit papers.

    Zoning & Permitting

      Determine Zoning & Permitting Requirements
      Complete All Zoning Applications
      Complete All Building Permit Applications
      Attend All Planning & Zoning Meetings
  • Level, ruler and hard hat.

    Architectural & Engineering

      Structural Analysis
      Site Plans
      Zoning & Construction Drawings

Experience and Expertise in RF Modifications and Upgrades, Collocations, Raw Land Builds, Relocations, Decommissioning, Fiber and Utility Easements, Microwaves, Generator Additions, Specialize with Rooftop, Water Tank, and Stealth Site Agreements.